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What is the Flipcentre

The Flipcentre (FLIPS) is part of FLIPSIDE.  FLIPSIDE is a planned multi-strategy approach to re-engaging young people with learning.  It provides early intervention and/or intensive support to remain connected to learning, school and the community.

The Flipcentre is a place for delivering curriculum and targeted programmes for students in a variety of modes.  Students have the opportunity for one on one tutoring and case management of their learning plans.  The small teacher-student ratio supports a positive learning culture.

Students studying by Open Access do so in the Flipcentre.


How does the Flipcentre operate

Each student enrolled in FLIPS is case managed by a staff mentor.  Case management involves supporting students to improve their learning outcomes by the shared planning and monitoring of their personal learning plans.  Students are required to complete a weekly planner and progress is reviewed regularly.


Why do the students access the Flipcentre

Students are enrolled in the Flipcentre to allow intensive support and/or re-engagement with learning.

Referral is from the school’s Students At Risk team (STAR).

There is no typical FLIPS student.  Students could be identified because of poor attendance, social disadvantage, learning difficulties, well being issues and any reason contributing to incompatibility with mainstream learning.  They could also be identified because they need extension in a particular area of their learning or they are involved in studies outside of school, ie TAFE and they use the support in FLIPS to keep up with all of their work.

Enrolment is a planned agreement between the student and STAR team.


Who are the Staff in the Flipcentre

The Flipcentre is staffed by experienced teachers of John Pirie Secondary School, who recognise the importance of building relationships with students.  The staff need to be capable of working in a variety of curriculum areas to engage and support the varied learning needs of the students.               

Coordinator:Bruce Mules
Counsellor:Annie Inkster
FLO Manager:Tracey Pepe
SSO:Leanne Hoile


What programs are offered through the Flipcentre

Partnerships within FLIPSIDE have enabled a range of targeted programmes to operate through Flips.

These programmes are often facilitated and/or presented by non teacher partners.  Programmes can target skills and understandings and/or develop confidence and positive community attitudes.  Examples are True Colours, Futures Unlimited, Skills for the Future, Scaly Survivors, Literacy and Numeracy, Excel R8.


Who are the Flipcentre Partners

Through FLIPSIDE, the Flipcentre is a partnership between DECS, Boystown and 23 community youth organisations in the Port Pirie Youth Sector Network.

The Future

FLIPS is now embedded into the school’s service delivery.

Partnerships between government and non-government organisations will continue as we access funding, programmes and shared community resources.

the flipcentre

the flipcentre

the flipcentre

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