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The Arts learning area has three learning strands

  • Arts in Contexts
  • Arts in Practice
  • Arts Analysis and Response

These strands allow students to have practical arts experiences and opportunities to develop their reflection and analysis skills.

The Arts is about learning in an enjoyable and relevant environment whilst applying knowledge and skills in the wider community.

Years 8 and 9

At Years 8 and 9 students practise and refine their skills in all or some of the following:

  • art
  • craft
  • music
  • drama

Year 10

Students can continue their Arts Studies in following areas:

  • Visual Arts Studies 2D
  • Visual Arts Applications 3D
  • Drama
  • Media
  • Music
  • Photography

Years 11 & 12

At Year 11 students study

  • Art
  • Ceramics

Other subjects may run, dependent on student numbers and skill levels.

At Year 12, students can continue their studies in The Arts, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Art Practical
  • Craft Practical
  • Visual Art Studies

Other subjects may run, dependent on student numbers and skill levels.

Career Options

Students who study the Arts are being prepared for life beyond school.

Career opportunities in the Arts include:

  • graphic design/signwriting
  • arts teaching (music, dance, art, drama, media)
  • television/film acting/production
  • radio announcing
  • theatre acting/production
  • kindergarten teacher and childcare provider
  • gallery curator
  • music theory
  • arts administration/management
  • recording and broadcasting
  • music performing
  • service careers
arts business – publishing, technology, communications.





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