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Mathematics is an integral part of the education of all students at John Pirie Secondary School. It is necessary for their preparation for further study, training, work and everyday participation in society. Mathematics is compulsory for all students from years 8 to 10 for a full year and students must pass at least one semester of Stage 1 maths.

In 2012, students study a range of topics from each of the SACSA Strands. They are:

  • Exploring, analysing and modelling data
  • Measurement
  • Number
  • Pattern and algebraic reasoning
  • Spatial sense and geometric reasoning
  • Analysing and modelling change (Senior Years Band only)

At all year levels students are provided with a range of mathematical experiences including both practical and theoretical activities. They work both individually and collaboratively to investigate closed and open-ended problems. Making discerning use of appropriate technologies as problem solving tools is also a focus.

The school pays for students to have access to the online learning websites Mathletics and MyMathsOnline. 

Maths at Year 8

Year 8 students arrive at John Pirie Secondary School with a range of mathematical abilities based on their different primary school backgrounds. In order to accommodate this and to providethem with a range of experiences, the students engage in programmes that aim to develop a broad range of mathematical skills across the SACSA strands. Students work in mixed ability classes and are provided with extensions or extra support where appropriate. Through the teaching of mathematical conventions, there is a focus on teaching students to clearly communicate the method they have used to solve problems.

Maths at Year 9

Year 9 students also experience a wide range of topics and mathematical experiences across the strands. They continue to solve problems through discerning use of appropiriate technologies. The topics covering throughout this course help students to make informed decisions about their mathematical pathway beyond Year 9.

Maths at Year 10

At Year 10, students are counselled into appropriate maths subjects based on their mathematical ability as well as their chosen pathway for SACE and future careers. The courses offered at Year 10 level are: “Maths in the Workplace”, “General Maths” and “Pure Maths.” These courses are designed to refine the students’ skills and to prepare them for their chosen SACE pathway.

Maths at SACE Stage 1 - Year 11

At SACE Stage 1, the courses offered include: “Numeracy for Work and Community Life,”  "Mathematical Pathways", “Maths Applications,” “Mathematical Studies 1”, Mathematical Studies 2” and Mathematical Studies 3.” Students are counselled into these courses based on their mathematical performance during year 10 and their chosen pathways. SACE guidelines require students to achieve a passing grade in at least one semester of Stage 1 Maths.

Maths at SACE Stage 2 - Year 12

Maths at SACE Stage 2 level is optional. Students’ options for Stage 2 courses are influenced by their chosen maths pathway and their performance at Stage 1 level. The courses offered depend on student numbers and are “Maths Applications,” "Maths Methods", “Maths Studies,” and “Specialist Maths.”

All students, regardless of gender or background, have access to mathematical opportunities that accommodate and extend their experiences, broaden their perspectives on mathematics, and allow them to appreciate the variety of its past and present roles in society.








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