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Health & Physical Education today goes beyond the scope of just learning and playing a range of sports. It aims to develop the whole individual through a range of unique experiences, that centre around putting ‘theory’ into ‘practice’, by doing.

We welcome the opportunity to help your son / daughter experience the benefits of our programs and extra-curricula activities, as we continue to invest resources (facilities, programs, staffing, etc.) into the future of our school community.

Outdoor Education

Throughout the year, students gain a better appreciation of the environment and safe participation in the outdoors through pursuits in kayaking, bushwalking, cycle touring and rock climbing.

Food & Nutrition

Focuses on developing skills in food preparation and presentation.  Practical lessons are a focal point for reinforcing learning in this subject.

Food & Hospitality

This is the course for those who want to work in the Hospitality Industry.  VET modules are embedded in the course at Year 12.

Child Studies

This course will help you appreciate the unique development (from conception onwards) and changes that babies, children and their parents face.

For more information please feel free to contact Aaron Ward, Health & PE Coordinator.

Health & PE - in the Middle Years  

At John Pirie Secondary School, Health & PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum, which includes the study of -

  • Physical Activity & Fitness
  • Home Economics
  • Drug Education
  • Sexual Health & Relationships

In Year 8, students undertake a full year of Health & PE, which is a mix of both theory and practical / hands on activities. In Year 9, the majority of students undertake Health & PE for the full year, except those studying LOTE (who only do a semester).

Throughout the year, students receive 120 minutes of physical activity per week (national guidelines). We’re able to achieve this consistent level of physical activity to the benefit of our students, by running a theory and physical activity topic concurrently.
During practical lessons, students are required to wear a change of clothes. A new Polo top made of specially designed ‘cool dry’ fabric will soon be available from the school’s uniform shop.

Health & PE - in the Senior Years

In the Senior Years (10-12), students can choose from a range of specific courses, which can lead to further study beyond school. Courses offered at John Pirie Secondary School include -

  • Physical Education - students participate in a variety of sports and investigate sport related issues.
  • Health - students identify and investigate the impacts of health and lifestyles on families, groups and communities.
  • Fitness & Lifestyle - focuses on fitness and enjoyment (rather than traditional PE) through exploring a range of activities and facilities that promote healthy lifestyles.



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