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The Health and Physical Development curriculum at John Pirie Secondary School incorporates a wide range of subjects from Year 8 through to Year 12 catering for a range of learners and abilities. The curriculum is aimed at providing students with the chance to develop knowledge and skills in a range of life skill areas with an inclusive and innovative curriculum. The Year 8 and 9 course, Health and Physical Development includes learning in areas such as Sexual Health, Nutrition, Drugs and Alcohol, Fitness and a range of Physical Activities and sport. Students are then provided with a wide range of Health and Physical Development subjects to choose from, depending on their interests and needs from Year 10 through to SACE Stage 2 with subjects such as Child Care, Nutrition, Hospitality, Sport & Recreation, Health Education and Physical Education.

The school is currently a Shine SA focus school meaning we are provided with the most up to date resources and facilitators which allows us to provide a very informative and relevant curriculum for our students.

Our school is also involved in the Regional Drug Action team meaning we are a part of community based projects and decision making providing our students with the opportunity to be involved with the wider community.

The Department also offers students a chance to participate in a range of extracurricular activities such as inter school athletic and sports carnivals, knockout sports and primary school carnivals. Students are able to participate in these events not only as a player, but also as a coach umpire and even co-ordinator of the event.

Our faculty promotes healthy lifestyles and physical activity while catering for a wide range of learners and interests.




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