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What is Design and Digital Technology

Design and Digital Technology at John Pirie Secondary School involves the creation of products, processes and systems to solve problems. John Pirie Secondary School is fortunate to have modern and well equipped workshops and facilities that allow students to safely develop skills in Metal work, Wood work, Plastics, Automotive engineering, Robotics, Computer Aided Drafting and an extensive range of up to date computer based programs. All students are encouraged to access all or any of the Technology programs available throughout their secondary education.   

Learning Aims

The Design and Digital Technology learning area aims to develop in all students:

  • Capacities to identify and critique the values underlying the intentions of design, manufacture and consequence of a technology
  • Broad ranging design skills to create innovative solutions to design briefs and problems
  • Broad ranging techniques for manipulating materials to create products, processes and systems
  • Capacities to apply their design and technology learning to other Learning Areas, to life in the wider community, to the virtual community, and in accessing further education and training

Safety in the workshop

Most of the activities undertaken by students studying Design and Digital Technology are carried out in the Workshop.  This is a semi-industrial environment and there are safety requirements that we must comply with under the OHS&W Act (1986).  These include:

  • The wearing of safety goggles (provided)
  • Long hair MUST be tied back
  • Sturdy, closed in shoes must be worn at all times


Year 8
All year 8 students participate in one semester of an introductory course in Design Technology and one semester of an introductory course in Digital Technology.

Throughout the semester of Design Technology, they access programs including Woodwork, Sheet Metal, Plastic (designing and working with acrylic), besic drawing skills and the use of Computer controlled Lego. Students are instructed in the safe use if machinery, hand tools and materials.

Within the semester of Digital Technology, students study using the different features in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint and Basic Photoshop. Students are encouraged to use the skills from this course within their other learning. Students also become familiar with different functions of computer parts.

Year 9
Students may elect to further study Design and Digital Technology. Subjects are offered in Woodwork Design Technology, Metalwork Design Technology and Digital Technology. Students are offered an extended course to further their skill development in these areas.

Year 10
Those students choosing year 10 options will again extend their skills in the Design and Digital Technologies. Students may elect to study Metal and Wood Design Technology through semester length programs or may wish to participate in an introductory program in the automotive area where they will be involved in the dismantling, identification and reassembling of small engines. Students can also elect study information processing and publishing, photography or media digital technology.

SACE (Stage 1 & Stage 2)
Senior students have many options to choose from at John Pirie Secondary School. These subjects can be school based or TAFE based courses. Students can elect to participate in Doorways to Constructions, Design and Construction in Wood, Design and Construction in Metal, Energy Tech (Automotive) or the Engineering Pathway Program at TAFE. These students will be enrolled to complete a series of TAFE modules that may lead into employment. Students can also elect to participate in Information Processing and Publishing, Photography and Media which are courses studied at school.

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