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JPSS became a Year 7-12 secondary school and enrolled 106 year 7 students as well as 118 Year 8 students in 2020. We established five additional classes, continued to recruit teachers with middle and primary school teaching backgrounds and further strengthened already highly effective transition programs. Feedback from staff, students and families has been overwhelmingly positive. Year 7 & 8 students settled quickly into the new environment. They established new friendships, rapidly connected with their Care Group teachers, school facilities and the expectations of the school. Student feedback indicates that access to specialist teachers and facilities has been a highlight.


Registrations of interest are now open for year 7 and year 8 in 2021.


Virtual Video Tour is being developed and will be available soon. This resource will offer more information about learning and curriculum for year 7 & year 8 in a high school setting.


Please access the links below to download and complete a Registration of Interest Form and access the video link for a brief overview of the registration process.


Year 7 to High School Pilot Program


A list of commonly asked questions received throughout the Year 7 to High School Pilot with answers.

The Power Point Presentation that was delivered to Parents, Caregivers and interested community members at an information night held soon after the Pilot had been announced.




This document reflects our current Year 7 Curriculum Framework with information about the new pedagogy and programs we are trialling in not only Year 7 but our entire Middle School.

This document outlines our current bell times.

At JPSS the Teaching and Learning agreement is shared amongst all staff members from Years 7-12.


Transition Processes


These documents show in detail the JPSS transition timelines. As part of the Year 7 to High School move, the transition program began in Term 2. This information is used to assist with communication of transition processes between JPSS and feeder Primary Schools.


In Term 4, Week 7, students attended two ‘Taste of High School’ days. Both the Year 7 and Year 8 cohort accessed two full days of learning, getting a ‘taste’ of each subject area.


The letter that was sent home to Parents and Caregivers as part of a transition pack containing essential information and forms.


This promotional fridge magnet was sent home to Parents and Caregivers to communicate upcoming transition events.


The letter that was sent home detailing our Parent Information Night, held on Monday of Week 7 Term 4 prior to our four Taste of High School days.


A Year 6 Forum morning was held in Term 4 in which students in year 6 from feeder Primary Schools came to JPSS. Students spent the morning meeting peers, designing commemorative T-Shirts and participating in team building activities.


This document is sent home as part of the child’s transition package. JPSS gained this idea from Clare High School and was highly effective in gaining more information about the child from a parent perspective.


This document is printed and used to gather information about each year 6 student from their Primary class teacher’s perspective. This document is then used to generate discussion in a scheduled meeting between JPSS school counsellors and coordinators with the class teachers and counsellors from Primary School sites. 


This template is used to record detailed notes during the discussions with Primary School class teachers and counsellors in addition to information provided on the ‘Guidelines for Discussion Year 6 to HS’ sheets.


JPSS offers a 4 week extended transition program for students with emotional or wellbeing needs and learning difficulties. Primary Schools identify students with additional needs and JPSS designs an extended transition program so that these students can make early connections with key staff and get to know the school.


Each Year 6 student completes the ‘Letter to your new teacher’ as a curriculum task with their Year 6 Teacher in Term 2. This letter is then shared with the student’s teachers the following year as another way for JPSS staff to get to know every student they teach.


Leadership Structure


This document lists the current leadership structure at JPSS and the roles and responsibilities they have.











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