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In 2019 John Pirie Secondary School will begin the transition phase to BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” to enable BYOD 1:1 mobile learning in 2020.


John Pirie Secondary School now offers improved services to a Bring Your Own Device Program, which allows students to connect their own personal device to the John Pirie Secondary School network.

Young people are growing in a society where the effective use and skills in functioning in a digitally connected world are essential. The key areas where a BYOD system supports learning include:

· Engagement

· Learning becomes student driven

· Opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere and collaborate with others

· Development money for specialist areas


1:1 SUMMARY CHART - 2019



Year 7, 8 and 9

2019 will begin the John Pirie Secondary School BYOD iPad Program

Year 9 iPad Program – iPads will continue to be used in 2020.

During 2019, students in year 9 may choose to bring an iPad or laptop of their choice.


Year 10

Students in year 10 will transition from their iPads to Laptops in 2021. JPSS strongly advises transition to laptop particularly for heavy computer use subjects, however if the iPad is appropriate for students they can continue to use this.

During 2019, it is recommended that students purchase a laptop or device with detachable keyboard.


Stage 1 and 2

JPSS strongly advises a laptop to assist with their studies particularly for heavy computer use subjects. However if the iPad is appropriate for students they can continue to use this. Students may also elect purchase an iPad Pro or Surface Pro device.



A BYOD must comply with the John Pirie Secondary School minimum specifications. In year 8 and 9, middle school, device selection will be an iPad where as students in the senior school (year 10-12) will be able to elect their device style. Students will need to comply with the Learning Technologies Agreement and must use their device as described in this document.

It is also worth considering additional cost items, such as extended warranties, and care protection for device. Carry cases and individual protection are also recommended for the device. If purchasing through School Locker (see below), these are all optional extras.

If you already have a device meeting the minimum technical specifications, there is no need to purchase an additional device as long as it connects to the school system.

Chromebooks will not be supported onsite and therefore it is not recommended as a purchase option.



All students at John  Pirie Secondary School have access to Office 365 which provides students the opportunity to download Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and One Drive. Microsoft Publisher is available at an additional cost.



All required applications will be available to students through the self-service application. Paid applications may be suggested but will not be required and it will be up to individuals should they select to purchase these applications. There are many free educational applications which will support the learning of students. All students will need to set up their iPad with access to the iTunes Store.



You may choose to select from an Apple Device or Windows Device. Year 7 and 8 students are required to purchase an iPad.

All devices may be purchased from any retail outlet or you can take advantage of parent portals at JB Hifi and The School Locker.

These portals provide you the opportunity the shop online through a personalised school website where you:

  • Receive special education pricing
  • Select from school approved devices
  • Delivery to your home or business
  • Options for peripeherals, such as Apple Pencils and cases
  • Options for accidental damage and theft protection


JB Hi-Fi

  • Visit the JB Hi-Fi portal for JPSS - address and link is below.
  • Enter School Code - for our school it is jpss2021
  • Select what product range you are interested in.
  • Select your device and build your own BYOD solution with accessories.
  • Add to cart and Check out - this will involve entering your personal details for shipping reasons.


The School Locker

  • Visit the school locker website to login, or create a new account.
  • Add or generate your student advantage number to access special student pricing.
  • Use the Shop by School menu to navigate to your School’s BYOD range.
  • Select your device and build your own BYOD solution with accessories.
  • Add to cart and Check out.




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